If the stones could speak..

I’ve been thinking about how little I really notice my surroundings focussed as I am on my life.  I am often with small children who seriously take up a lot of vision space!  Especially out and about its important to keep them safe when crossing the road and to listen to what they are saying.  It makes for quite a different take on things – they often notice and take time to explore in a way I had forgotten how to.  But it does mean that my frame of vision is quite limited and my train of thought often interrupted.  So, to have a day photography training with Arpita the other week was a real treat.  I enjoyed spending time with a camera looking at the physical ‘being’ of Albert Drive and especially the stones which make up the walls.  I was reminded of a time when I was in the Abbey on Iona and I was asked ‘what would these stones say if they could speak aloud?’.  What would the stones on Albert Drive say?  It would be quite a different view from a Benedictine Abbey I guess but somehow I think it taps into the same stuff – questions about how lives are lived and what connections we make to feed our sense of belonging.  What cements us together as we build the living walls which are the community of Pollokshields?  Whatever they would say these watchful stones on Albert Drive are beautiful and worth looking at – interruption free!

Happy looking – Ruth