ALBERT DRIVE TV explores the stories of the fascinating characters living in the area and the importance of the local business. Made by meeting people in their homes and in the local shops, this work aims to introduce you to the neighbours, their thoughts and their ideas, by screening the films in the places they visit most every day - the local shops.

ALBERT DRIVE TV sought to re-imagine the CCTV screens that currently exist in local shops from a different perspective - where customers waiting to be served got to know a little more about the people who live alongside them.

ALBERT DRIVE TV Exhibition Images

ALBERT DRIVE TV Process Images

To create ALBERT DRIVE TV, Basharat collaborated with: Mohammed Shafiq / Saad Butt / Shazia Babir / Zenib Qureshi / Sameer Choudri / Rizwanah Ajaib / Libaas Fashions / Islamic Relief / Azad Newsagents / Delicious Too / Diamond Fruits / Numman Ali / Javaid Khan / Ewen Cameron / Dorothy Cameron / Farzana Kausar / Gill Macaulay / Don Macaulay / Mohammed

Process images by Abigail Howkins and Alan Dimmick
Exhibition images by Alan Dimmick