Janice Parker

Commissioned Artist

My name is Janice Parker and I’ve been making participatory dance performance for over 30 years. I have collaborated with people of all ages and abilities, and from all walks of life. I make films and live events and have created work in theatres, museums, hotels, care homes, living rooms, and once in an aircraft hanger and on a bus. My work ranges from large-scale community pieces to intimate solo works.

I love the beauty and the expression of the ‘ordinary’ body dancing. I believe that everyone has the right to dance and the capacity to make exceptional performance. Through my work I like to challenge the usual expectations of what dance is and who a dancer can be.

I am motivated not only by people, but by places, politics and social contexts. I like to ask questions and to collaborate with unexpected people in unexpected ways.  

I have worked all over Scotland and in Europe, as well as in Canada and the USA. I also mentor and teach both people and projects as well as talking and writing about the heart of my work - people and their capacity to move themselves and others through movement and dance.