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Pollokshields Church of Scotland

Albert Drive


Dear Neighbour,

I have lived in Pollokshields for 28 years and in that time the changes that have taken place in that time are phenomenal!

Many of the small independent shops have disappeared especially the grocer shops and bakeries. Our neighbours too have changed. They come from far away places and have their own language. I often wonder what you think of Pollokshields if you come from one of these countries. It must seem very very cold for you. And when I see you in your sari I think you are very brave! I have been born and brought up in Scotland even further north of the country and I do find Glasgow warm although a lot more rain. I became a Christian when I was seventeen when I found whether I wanted to follow Christ or not. I wonder how you learned about your faith and how old you were when you decided to follow your chosen path in life and do you find it difficult to keep your faith in Glasgow. If you have children, how do they find it too? I wish there were places where we could all meet up and have a good chat and share our experiences. 

From your neighbour