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St. Albert’s Primary School

Dear Neighbour, 

My name is Glory. I am 11 years old. I go to St. Albert’s Primary School on Albert Drive. 

I came to Pollokshields 2 years ago. I have lived in Pollokshields for a year. I have two sisters. One is in Canada and the other one lives with me. 

Now I live in the west side but I still come to Pollokshields. It is a long way from home. I love the streets of Pollokshields. It has its own library and amazing parks. 

I have only met 7 neighbours and I hope to meet more neighbours. My hobbies are to play football and badminton. 

I really think Pollokshields is an amazing place for a family outing. I really enjoy it. What about you?

Your sincerely,