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Dear Neighbours, 

This project is a great idea, perhaps some more long term neighbourly interaction will develop from it. Things I enjoy about living just off Albert Drive are the:

Cultural diversity of the area. It’s great to see so many different people living and working in one small area.

Trees and greenery. Make the area more beautiful.

Proximity to good transport links. Sounds like an estate agent but with bus, two train stations and subway you can’t beat this except for Partick!

Architecture. Victorian villas and tenements of note, or listed, even some by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. 

Local amenities. I love the Asian shops but, as a non Asian, feel a bit awkward going into some non- food stores even though the welcome is there. Can you help me get over this? The Tramway is great, I attend Time For Art there which is where I heard about this project. Hope these local amenities and the library remain. However, there should be more on for youngsters, especially teenagers, to get involved in.

I am fortunate in having good neighbours, it’s much more social living in a block of flats. I know and have had contact with neighbours from over 20 flats nearby. They would like to maintain a pleasant environment in our neighbourhood. It would be better if tenants got involved in these environmental concerns, some feel disenfranchised because they don’t own their property, which is a pity. After all, we all use the bins, park our cars, dislike dog fouling, are concerned about fly tipping, youths loitering, litter…and the list goes on. There are concerns about some landlords, it would be more neighbourly of them to consent to repairs and maintenance of common property, to deal with anti-social tenants and to become involved in any residents’ groups. 

I would like to feel safer walking up Albert Drive at night or where I live. Do you bother if you hear an alarm go off, or screaming, shouting, a disturbance? Do you do anything about youngsters hanging about bins, garages, backstreets etc., especially when it’s with intent? Does it always have to be the same people who ask them to leave or call the police? When you see fly tipped items, or items left for bulk uplift in the back courts or streets, do you report it or leave it to the usual neighbours who do so?

I would like to hope that if I was unwell or not seen for a while my neighbours would check on me, unfortunately they haven’t when this was the case. When you live alone with no family nearby it gets to be a worry as you age. Similarly, I haven't checked on my neighbours. Why? Well, you don’t like to be a busybody or interfere! Maybe some of you can encourage others to overcome their reticence and realise it is merely a neighbourly gesture. 

Hope we can go on to more from here!