Monday 6th Mary 2013

Nithsdale Rd

Dear Neighbour, 

My name is Anne and we moved to Pollokshields 5 years ago.

We live near the shops and love the location. I like the fact that I can shop locally and chat while I do my shopping.

I can walk to the park and feel privileged to live in such a nice environment. I know all of the immediate neighbours and in our close we are all friends who get on together. We have regular close gatherings and we all invite friends along too.

Do you live in a tenement or one of the ‘big houses’? I hope you have, as I do, lovely neighbours. 

It would be good to get to know more about the diverse cultures in this area. How can we all live together in harmony? I am looking forward to visiting the new Sikh mosque. 

Greetings from your neighbour