Dear Neighbour, 

I have lived in Nithsdale Road for 29 years and have gotten to know my immediate neighbours over the years. But because of many new people who have moved into the area over those years, people from different countries with different languages and culture have come to live here but it is quite difficult to make contact with them. I am a retired person and I think lots of the newer people of my age don’t speak my language and that of course is a barrier. 

I wonder how we can overcome that barrier, most people like to stay and live people who have a lot in common and perhaps are a bit suspicious of anyone different, I try to speak to people I meet in the street and sometimes I get a response. It is great when there is an even that lots of us can join in. For instance the opening of the near Sikh Temple when they invited us all to join in and visit them. There is to be a ‘doors open’ day in August, I think, so why don’t we all join in and visit each other’s places of worship and get to know more about our neighbours, culture etc. Let’s all begin by saying “hello” to our neighbours and see how many we get to respond. Pollokshields is a great and beautiful place to live in, let’s make it a happy and enjoyable place too!

From Your Neighbour!