Nithsdale Road


6th May, 2013

Dear Neighbour, 

I count myself fortunate to be living in a close with a great set of neighbours whom, over the years, my wife and I have got to know well. 

This has been an enriching experience and something of a contrast with the time we lived in a villa in another part of Pollokshields. At that time we got to know very few of our neighbours, and none so well as our present neighbours. I wonder what can be done to increase contact between “neighbours” in Pollokshields (and by “neighbour” I don’t just mean “the people next door”). Pollokshields is a very rich mixture of nationalities and religious faiths and it seems to me that community social gatherings might do much to enhance mutual understanding, respect and friendship. 

Our connection with Pollokshields goes back more than thirty years, and we must say that it is a great place to live. 

From your neighbour