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St. Alberts Primary School


6th February 2013

Dear Neighbours

My name is Asma. I live with my parents, two brothers and two sisters. I came here to Pollokshields and joined my school at primary 2 on December 6th 2009. When I first came here I always use to think about some of my family that I left in Pakistan but soon I got used to not thinking about them that much. I am only nine years old and I am in Primary Five with my teacher called Mrs Chromy who is very kind. 

My favourite hobby is I like to read the Holy Quran and after that I like to watch a little bit from the movie called Alive in the graveyard. It is a very scary movie but not for me, it is my favourite movie because it is kind of scary and it also shows you real scary creatures that live on Earth. My favourite colours are red, yellow, pink and purple. 

I think it is good to get to know our neighbours because you are building on friendships, also you can ask them for help in emergencies. I like Pollokshields because it has my favourite sweet shops and restaurants, like Rajah's and the Pollokshields mini market. 

From your neighbour Asma