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St. Andrew’s Drive

Glasgow G41

Dear Neighbour,

I have been living in the flats on the Drive for 26 years. In that time I have had very good neighbours, good neighbours and bad neighbours. I am glad to say that the good neighbours outweigh the bad ones. I think this will be the same in other places of the city. 

At one time I could have told you the name of everyone in my block of flats. Then some have moved away or have died and new people have moved into the houses. I then found it was not so easy to get to know my neighbours. 

To live in Pollokshields is good. There all types of housing from Villas, Bungalows, Red Sand Stoned Tenements, Tenements and Deck Access. Pollokshields is divided into East and West Pollokshields. 

To live in the Villas, Bungalows and Red Sand Stoned Tenements of West Pollokshields which have wide leafy streets is different from living in the Tenements and Deck Access of East Pollokshields. This area seems to be more densely populated and the houses in a poorer condition. 

The face of East Pollokshields will be changing again when the Deck Access houses are taken down and replaced with new flats. 

The type of house you stay in should not make any difference to you being a good neighbour. If you can help your neighbour at any time then you should, and if you and your neighbours have some pride in the house you live in then the type of house or where you live will not matter. 

Just take a bit of time to get to know your neighbour even by only saying “Good Day” to them. My sons when they heard me saying it to somebody would ask “who is that”. I would reply, I didn’t know! But I might be the only person who spoke to them on that day. Thinking that made me feel a lot happier, so you should try it and see how you feel. 

The slogan for Glasgow used to be “Glasgow Smiles Better”. Let the slogan for Pollokshields be “Let Pollokshields Thrive Better”. 

From Your Neighbour