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Nithsdale Lodge


Dear Neighbour,

Our names are Hanita and Marie and we live in Nithsdale Lodge care home on Shields Road.

I’m Marie, I’m very sociable and used to be a nurse and I’m always interested in other people. My neighbour, who was a nurse too was very confident and knocked on my door to introduce herself. Not sure if I would have done that if she hadn’t. She was very nosey. It’s a bit of luck when neighbours connect! I worked in the neurosurgical unit at the Southern General. My family are great and have lovely friends. My favourite place is in Canada with my sister. 

What did you work as? I have bad days sometimes, do you? Talking to people makes me feel better. What works for you? Where do you stay? If you had to choose between dress shopping or a walk in the country what would you choose? I would choose dress shopping.

My name is Hanita and I’m from Pakistan. I speak Punjabi. I would like to speak with people in my language as communication here at Nithsdale Lodge can be difficult. As a mother I have been a home maker and the centre of my family. I have four children, three daughters, one son and eleven grandchildren. Sometimes my children take me out for local walks and to local cafes. I love to see my grandchildren. I remember holidays in Pakistan. It is important to know your neighbour if it works for you both. It is generally more important to be kind and respectful.

From Your Neighbour