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Forrest House

Albert Drive

Dear Neighbour,

We all stay in Forrest House on Albert Drive and our names are Allison, Paul and Reenie. 

We are all wheelchair users and we all have Cerebal Palsy – we call it ‘CP’ for short. 

We don’t let our disability stop us from doing things and live our lives to the full. We would like more neighbours to come and visit and get to know us. Recently we met one of our neighbours. Her name is Laiqa and she visits us once a week on a Thursday. We would like to encourage more people to do this. 

On a Sunday, Allison and Paul go to St. Albert’s Church on Albert Drive on the corner and Liz and Ian come pick them up. 

Reenie likes to go to Mayfield in Govan on a Tuesday afternoon to have a wee drink, sing songs and see people for bingo.

Paul likes to go to see Celtic on a Sunday with Jean. Paul really loves music, he loves the guitar and singing into a microphone. His favourite song is We are the Champions!

Now that we have told you about us please come in and have a cup of tea and tell us about yourself. 


Your neighbours,

Allison, Reenie and Paul