Letters to Our Neighbours: Glas(s) Performance

From January to April 2013 Glas(s) Performance visited schools, community groups, homes, businesses, families and residents across Pollokshields. With each of these groups they led a workshop designed to further explore the concept of ‘neighbour’ and open a dialogue around the various experiences and perspectives of the community.

This hour-long workshop began with a film about a man called Kevin who lives on Albert Drive and his decision to write a letter to his neighbours in the hope that it would lead him to get to know them a little better.

In response to this workshop and to Kevin’s initial letter, the project went on to receive hundreds of individual letters from local people of different ages, representing different parts of the community, all attempting to introduce themselves to their neighbours and outline some of questions they have about the area in which they live.

A selection of these letters were displayed on each of the lampposts along Albert Drive so that the community was able to read them. 

The letters remained in-situ on Albert Drive as part of the final exhibition. 

Letters to Our Neighbours film

Creative Team

Conceived by Rachel O’Neill, Tashi Gore and Jess Thorpe of Glas(s) Performance

Designed by Rachel O’Neill

Process images and film by Abigail Howkins

Letters to our neighbours in-situ on Albert Drive photographed by Clare McAllister,  Zivile Siutilaite, Abigail Howkins and Alan Dimmick 

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