In February 2013 The ALBERT DRIVE Neighbourhood Watch arrived in Pollokshields…

Designed as an interactive street performance, The ALBERT DRIVE Neighbourhood Watch featured members on scooters wearing matching white suits, baseball caps and backpacks emblazoned with their logo. Their aim: ‘to celebrate the everyday’ and to encourage the people of Pollokshields to join them in their quest.

For five months The ALBERT DRIVE Neighbourhood Watch delivered workshops in primary schools across Pollokshields. They worked with the youth club based at the community centre and took up residency in the Square Park (Maxwell Square). During this time they worked with young people; creating tasks, setting challenges and discovering new adventures using outdoor performance and play. 

Whether through football, scooter races or the giving of certificates for ‘Everyday Actions that Matter’, The ALBERT DRIVE Neighbourhood Watch spent their time looking for new ways to meet their neighbours in Pollokshields.

The  ALBERT DRIVE Neighbourhood Watch team was made up of  Thomas Hobbins   Sam Phillips   Aby Watson  /  Paul Travolta  /  James Oglethorpe   Alicia Mallon  /  Nathan Byrne

Process images by Alan DimmickAbigail Howkins and The ALBERT DRIVE Neighbourhood Watch

Film by  Abigail Howkins 

Creative Team

Conceived by Rachel O’Neill, Tashi Gore and Jess Thorpe of Glas(s) Performance

Designed by Rachel O’Neill