Albert Drive Blog
ALBERT DRIVE – Symposium

In July 2013, Tramway and Glas(s) Performance presented ALBERT DRIVE – Introducing you to your Neighbour; a large scale participatory arts project involving artists, volunteers, local businesses, residents, families, individuals and communities in a creative exploration into the idea of neighbour from the perspective of one street in Pollokshields, Glasgow.

ALBERT DRIVE – The Exhibition

In January 2013, six commissioned artists joined the ALBERT DRIVE project with the shared aim to engage with people living on and around Albert Drive.

They brought with them a whole new set of skills and interests working across film, photography, installation, architecture, performance, dance and visual art in order to further explore the idea of neighbour from a whole new perspective.


The days are very very long. I get up early and listen to the voices of New Victoria Gardens.  I listen to them all day. I take a break to do some weeding.

When I enter the gardens daily, it is extraordinary. The colour, the growth, the light, all extend themselves. At dusk, the birds sing so loudly – most likely the Robins living around the area, who are often the first ones to sing at dawn and can continue singing well into the night.  Their song is often mistaken with that of the Nightingale, with whom they are distantly related.

Centre Green

Things are sprawling, like a Japanese knotweed, across the grounds of a vast space.

I continue collecting voices, sounds, and begin the epic task of transcribing text from audio recordings.

Moon Rise

I speak to many people in the allotments. Over these weeks I have met many people.  I record stories, bird calls and read a lot about the difference between accessing sound and visuals.

Lost nest

Fiona finds the nest of a blackbird on the path in her allotment. She thinks it belongs to a family of blackbirds. She hopes the fledglings were strong enough.

Opening the Space

I hand deliver a letter to all allotment users. There are nearly 100.


A lot has happened, although time seems to move slowly now I have arrived in the Gardens, as if my pace slows to match the plants, to match the path of the sun.

Changing skies

The past days have been eventful, full of storms and sunny spells.

The process moves quickly, thoughts and threads changing and shifting as quickly as this weather.