Nic Green 

Commissioned Artist  

My name is Nic Green and I have lived and worked as an artist in Scotland since 2005. In the past my work has spanned award-winning theatre performance, public art projects, interactive web-based projects and originally composed choral works. 

As a practitioner, my primary commitment is to developing creative work that is inherently relational. My artistic practice is often based on listening for such relationships and highlighting their interactivity. 

The areas of influence and research that interest and inform the work I make are varied and cross many disciplines, from Systems Thinking to Jungian Synchronicity to the re-introduction of Wolves in Scotland. The meeting points of these varied discourses create rich ground for performance which is engaged in its approach and embodied in its execution. 

To develop my artistic agency, I completed an MSc in Human Ecology (2010), for which I conducted an original study on the development and understanding of ecological performance practices.

I also completed the Natural Change Facilitators Course with WWF last year. In the past, pieces have been commissioned and presented both nationally and internationally to critical acclaim and I am best known for the award-winning Trilogy (*****), which received an estimated 1000 participants.