'Just recently I have been thinking more about you and the many questions I have for you. Who you are, what you do and where you go everyday.

I’ve been wondering about all the ways we are the same and the things that make us different.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and to seeing what might happen. I’m looking forward to answering some of the questions.'

In March 2013 Glas(s) Performance put out an open call to people living across Pollokshields to help create a brand new piece of theatre alongside their neighbours.

A group soon came together - full of different people of different ages, representing different and diverse parts of the community. They brought with them a whole host of stories, ideas, opinions and memories of Pollokshields and of what it meant to each of them. They asked each other questions and tried to answer them. They made new relationships and rediscovered old ones. They all spent time - a lot of time - getting to know each other.

The ALBERT DRIVE Performance was performed by 18 local residents on the main stage in Tramway 1 and shared with an audience of over 1,000 people over the final Event Weekend in July 2013.

As a piece it was not one story, but many, not one voice but various different voices speaking together – to each other - about the area in which they live and their experience of being neighbours.

Performed by Adam Masters / Alison Leon / Belinda Conway / Frank Norton / Laiqa Umar / Marcus Conway / Michelle Montgomery Masters / Muna Sultan / Rene Hetherington / Ria Din / Rizwanah Ajaib / Sara Zahid / Shona Young / Violet Tainsh / Waqar Ahmed / Hajera Khan / Debbie Jackson  / Rahela Khan 

ALBERT DRIVE Performance Process Images

ALBERT DRIVE Performance Promo

Creative Team

Directed and Devised by Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore of Glas(s) Performance

Designed and Devised by Rachel O’Neill

Technical Manager: Avalon Hernandez

Lighting Design by Paul Sorley

Video Design by Tim Reid

Deputy Stage Manager: Linsey Johnstone

Process and Performance images by Alan Dimmick 

Performance Promo by GeeWhiz Digital 

Performance Trailer filmed by Clyde Jones, Callum Beith and James Tew  and edited by Abigail Howkins and Tashi Gore