Rosemary James

Project Manager / Audience Engagement Manager, Glasgow Arts

As project manager I have been working with the team to achieve the best possible experience for all participants, collaborators and audiences.

Supporting the ongoing audience development of Tramway and Glasgow Arts, this project has created new opportunities to connect with audiences and experiment and trial new ways of working with them to create visual art and performance in new contexts.  

I am incredibly proud of the commitment and energy the whole team has brought to this project. I am hopeful too that relationships and conversations started during this project are just the beginning of something… 

The ALBERT DRIVE Project approach to openness, dialogue, creativity and community has changed the way I view and understand the location Tramway is based in, and also the complex needs and diverse perspectives of Glasgow as a city.

Learning from this project has potential to positively impact how Glasgow Arts programme new work, present contemporary art in new contexts, and collaborate with our local areas moving forward, by putting arts practice at the heart of communities.