Ruth Clements

Creative Volunteer 

I currently look after my small children at home.  My background is as a community and youth development worker although my most recent work has been in the social work setting with very vulnerable young people. Through this context, I have developed a therapeutic way of working and thinking.  A number of years ago this led me to do the foundation year in Art Therapy and for the first time felt I had a space to play freely with art materials.  Art at school had just left me believing that I couldn’t draw - so creating pieces of art with enjoyment and freedom was liberating for me.  

The ALBERT DRIVE Project seemed to offer an opportunity to see artists doing that ‘for real’ and I was keen to learn about the process and understand it more from the inside. 

I am engaged with the question ‘who is my neighbour?’ all the time as a resident in the Pollokshields area with children at a local school.

Along with other parents I am keen for my children to get on with and understand other cultures and people in a positive way and this is really what I think Albert Drive has been about.