Shona Young

Creative Volunteer

I moved to Pollokshields just over 2 years ago with my 3 children. I feel like this opportunity came about at a perfect time for my family, as we moved into a new build with many other new neighbours. Not only has the project been a chance to talk and share ideas with so many people in the community, it has also restored my faith in people and my surroundings. The project has encouraged me to socialise and share thoughts with all the different people I have met and I have found it to be a positive influence on my everyday life. Simple things like listening to stories, putting up letters or even having a coffee with someone has meant something personally.

I work in education and have an arts background that ground to a halt about 13 years ago when I started teaching English abroad. Albert Drive, has ignited my interests in all threads of the arts again, experiencing the process of a project on this scale is amazing.  The best thing for me so far has been the joy in the sharing of time - a simple thing that I have been happily reminded of.

I could never have forseen the way in which my part in the project would develop. From volunteering with artists, I went on to work with with residents of Forrest House and my neighbours from Pollokshields as part of the ALBERT DRIVE Performance. My 5 year old daughter also got involved and looked forward to each meeting where we shared our thoughts and experiences in life. We usually left elated and inspired by everybody. Sometimes an empathic tear was shed - it could be a rollercoaster.

I really never saw that coming and am indebted to it forever.