The Tramway team on ALBERT DRIVE

Venue Manager:  Jude McGill
Assistant Venue Managers: Christabel Mathieson, Krista MacDonald, Kim McPhie and Michelle Opit
Receptionist: Adam Worton         
Stage Door:  Alan Coutts, Derek Boyle, Frank Doyle, Ian McWatt, John Baird, Stefan Strzelecki, Stuart White, Dawn Lawson
Housekeepers: Joanne Cameron, Sandra Stewart                               
Senior Gallery Technician: Stuart Gurden
Chief LX: Paul Sorley      
Depute Chief LX: Steven Forsyth                        
Chief Sound Engineer: Chris Quinn   
Depute Sound Engineers: John Palmer & Iain McDonald                  
Stage Manager: Pat Gillies        
Depute Stage Manager: Gary Gray                              
Technicians: Fraser Thompson & Sam Burnley                                                 
Curator: Claire Jackson               
Programme Manager: Tim Nunn
Arts Producer (Children and Family): Maggie Singleton
Press: Hannah Matheson
Marketing: Kathryn Bradley and Laura Dunlop
Admin: Claire Shiel, Judy Hon, Kirsty Bennett, Stacey Conn, Nicole Brown 
Cafe Bar Manager: Cassandra McIntyre 

* Tramway is programmed and managed by Glasgow Life (the trading name of Culture & Sport Glasgow Ltd) and supported by Creative Scotland as a foundation-funded organisation.  

The ALBERT DRIVE Project Event Volunteers:

Mohammed Elgendy / Carol Dunn / Mhurai Dzingisai / Esther Bain / Stephanie Hunter / Will Stringer / Joanne Sharp / Janet Lamb / Jemima Wright / Becky Hogg / Jen Martin / Josephine Watkinson / Michaela Strykova / Sabrina Janicka / Lauren Benson

The ALBERT DRIVE Project would like to thank the following people: 

Clare Harker / Shaukat Sultan / Shoeb Sarguroh / Tahir Mohammed / Taj Ahmed / Toni McElhill / Bharati Bundhoo / Clyde Jones / Alex Coyle / Connor Oliver / John Gilfillan / Angus Quin / Gary McNair / Donna Borokinni / Amanda Gillespie/ Amanda Paterson /  Anne-Marie Copestake / Carolyn Davren / Gabrielle MacBeth / Hilary Nicoll / Katarina Simonovicova / Lisa Martin / Matt Padden / Liz Laird / Louise Donoghue / Louise Brodie / Jude Barber / Martin O’Connor / Harry Wilson / Laura Coutts / Brenda Hullin / Scott McIntosh / Mohammed Elgendy / Angela Howkins / Peter McMaster / Paul Gorman / Deborah Richardson-Webb / Fazel Ulhaq / James Pearson and Wooster / Ahmad / Paul Hughes / Murray Robertson / Ros Lawless / John Gibson / Fiona Alexander / Ama Budge / Hector Brown / Maria Giergiel / Emma Humphries / Francesca Lacey / Kerry Macfarlane / Emily Magorrian / Josee Meredith Keevil / Nikolas Mitseff / Hannah Murray / Lulu Obermayer / Joshua Payne / Isabel Smyth / Mark McArthur / Alice Fee / Joyce Maxwell / Davey Holmes / Roanne Dods /  Elaine Pope / Adam Scott / The Glas(s) Performance Board of Directors: Colin Bradie, Susan Deighan, Lucy Gaizely and Ian Findlay-Walsh

and the following organisations: 

Shandar Sweets / Londis / Lahore / Strawberry Spice Garden / Forrest House Care Home / Pollokshields Church of Scotland / Libaas Fashions / Islamic Relief / Azad Newsagents / Delicious Too / Diamond Fruits / the Hidden Gardens / West of Scotland Racial Equality Council / Glasgow City CHP - South Sector / Scottish Ballet Glasgow / Pollokshields Action Group for the Environment / St Ninian’s Episcopal Church / R.A.T.S / the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland / Glasgow Film Theatre / National Theatre of Scotland/ YCSA / the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul / Glasgow Women’s Library / Albert Drive Studios