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ALBERT DRIVE – Symposium

In July 2013, Tramway and Glas(s) Performance presented ALBERT DRIVE – Introducing you to your Neighbour; a large scale participatory arts project involving artists, volunteers, local businesses, residents, families, individuals and communities in a creative exploration into the idea of neighbour from the perspective of one street in Pollokshields, Glasgow.

Incredible attention to detail and to people

So, The Albert Drive Project, is heading for its big weekend event – a culmination of all the energies of all the people who have been involved in so many different ways.

ALBERT DRIVE – The Exhibition

In January 2013, six commissioned artists joined the ALBERT DRIVE project with the shared aim to engage with people living on and around Albert Drive.

They brought with them a whole new set of skills and interests working across film, photography, installation, architecture, performance, dance and visual art in order to further explore the idea of neighbour from a whole new perspective.


In the spirit of neighbourliness

Highlights this week have been talking to a nine year old who created a disco dance floor on his ipad and then went on to dance on his living room carpet. I got some great photos.

Time and Familiarity

A lovely day yesterday filming for the Albert Drive Project documentary, re-creating my walks along the drive with my map looking for people’s houses. This time with Abigail following me with a camera. It was a jolly experience. As I wasn’t actually going to meet someone I had time to observe in other ways and started to think of the value of time and of familiarity and what that can bring. People were friendly and engaging, smiling and waving knowingly as we walked by and I felt that we were all enjoying this together.

Favourite music to Dance to

Time on Albert Drive is flying far too fast. My privileged time meeting, talking, sharing and dancing with people at home is coming to an end. Last week someone told me about “forgetting” how to dance and the joy of re-finding it, while for someone else dance at home was a personal meditation to calm the mind and feed the body. And no two people have yet chosen the same favourite music to dance to.

Pushing back the dining room table

This week I’ve danced (and sang!) to Patsy Cline, Elton John, Status Quo and Led Zeppelin. I’ve learned about ‘the comeback’ of vinyl and the desire to have the tangible feel of the music in your hands.

Sharing Stories

Last week, an 8 hour walk on Albert Drive visiting 4 people to hear their stories about dancing at home. I was Lindy Hopping in a living room, dancing to the Four Tops round a kitchen table, dancing in a garden and enthralled by a childhood story about tap dancing in Mr Kelly the lollipop man’s house because he could play the required tune on his piano!

Dancing Stories

It’s great to get really started – meeting the residents of Albert Drive in person and hearing their stories about dancing at home and what it means to them. Music too is important, what people love to dance to and the memories and significance that holds. This sharing time, exchange, is a privilege.

Do you dance in your living room?

Hello, I’m Janice, one of the ALBERT DRIVE Project resident artists. I’m looking for people who like to dance in their living room, or bedroom or kitchen at home. I’m interested in collecting stories about the idea of ‘Living Room Dances’ and would love to meet you.

Starting the journey with a walk…

I loved the walk along the Drive. I had no idea how long it was. I had no idea how interesting it was. It was great to hear the stories about the people who live there. I hope I do this walk again. I’m sure I will.