Živilė Siutilaitė 

Student on Placement 

I will be graduating from Sculpture and Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art next year.

I was on student placement with ALBERT DRIVE Project, working mostly with Rachel O’Neill helping with various design tasks. It was a tremendous experience for me to have an insight into the implementation of a big scale participatory public art project and get to meet so many interesting people, both from a range of creative disciplines and from a local community.

I feel that the theme of this project is very important in the current context of migration and globalization where people from different countries and cultures make up the community and the discoveries and tensions that it brings.

Originally from Lithuania, I moved to the UK in 2004. Experience of living and studying in different countries gives grounding to my own work. In my creative practice, I am interested in exploring the notion of belonging or not belonging to a place or group of people, uprooted-ness and boundaries of identity.

I am excited to be involved in the project and experience how art can bring people in the local community closer to each other.